Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Easily Make a Watermark for your Photos

Why should you make a Watermark on your Photos?.
I have read on many blogs and Pinterest that Photos are being taken (or recipes, or crafts) and people are claiming them as their own!..
All of your hardwork making an item and someone ELSE is taking credit for the work!.
Whenever I follow a design or a template credit is always given to the person that I found it from. However, I do tweak a lot of my cards and projects and then put a watermark on it..
You will want to do this!.
I read that there was a fantastic Recipe posted on Pinterest (homemade) and a man took this recipe and posted it as his own!..Not only did he do that, he also changed the name of the recipe to make it look like it was his. When posted on facebook it recieved over 13K likes and shares..He took credit for a wonderful recipe that wasnt even his!..
Here's how to make that watermark:
I use Picmonkey for all my photo marking.
Open Pickmonkey:
Click on Edit Photo
Pick a Photo you took.

On the Left Panel Click on the "P"
This will open your Text Fonts. Pick a Font that you like and click on "ADD TEXT"
You Will See a Box open up in your picture as well as a color Palette.
In your Color Palette, Click the Top left corner, this will come up with #ffffff, which is white.
Then Type your Blog name in the "Type your text here" box.
Move your Box where you want it on your Picture (always put it somewhere on the project (nabbers can crop the picture)
Now go to FADE in the Color Palette Text Box , I move mine to about 80%, that way its still there but it doesnt stand out.
Click on MERGE(you are merging all layers together) THEN SAVE

Put it on PIERCE and then SAVE PHOTO
A Box will appear and you will save it where you want to on your computer!
How easy was that!..


Jeanna said...

This is a great tutorial. Very timely as well since I am about to post my first pictures on my blog. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Kat said...

You're welcome! .. We put too much time in our work for others to take credit !
Have a great day :-)


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