Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sale A Bration!!!

Stampin Up's Sale-A-Bration ends March 22nd!..Place your orders through my website and get a free item from the Sale a Bration flyer for every $50 you spend!!..

The Basics! Online Class

The Basics
A fun Online class to learn the basics of Stampin up!. On the left hand side click on the picture that says "the Basics" and order yours through my website!.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Peek-A-Book Envelope and Card

How cute is this!..

Click Below and it will take you to the video to show you how its made.
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$50 you spend you get 1 item free!..Go to my website
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Hello Peek-A-Book Envelope and Card

Friday, February 22, 2013

3-D Balloon Pop out

This one took some time to do, I saw this card as I was looking around and thought I would try it out.It goes off of the Pop out Birthday/Valentine Card (right side bar under Valentine). Without a few items I'm waiting on I had to improvise on the way I did it. I'm sure I'll do another one and then try the Kite Stamp set as well.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simple Congrats Card

Only one more day and the Weekend arrives again, this weekend will be spent doing a bunch of cards and placing that Stampin Up! order for more wonderful supplies. This below is a card I did a while ago just messing around with the window look, using the square punch and the Big Shot for the flowers. The Big Shot is my FAVORITE toy in the craft room!. I use it as much as I can...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The smaller of the two chosen

After much contemplating about whether or not to get the big crates , i had to think about how much space I really had to have them sitting on the floor like that. I decided that I would go with the smaller ones (Michaels $6.99). Spent two days spray painting them and hung two of them up tonight. Its a wonderful storage space for the Clear mount stamp sets.

My next project

This was taken from the Holiday Mini Catalog from Stampin up. I love this Collage of the 25 days of Christmas advent Calendar. So I'm gathering the supplies and will start working on this soon!.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a great idea

I was going through Pinterest this morning and happened to come across this Picture. I am always looking for new ideas on how to "store" all of my crafting stuff. This was a perfect find. I'll probably be off to Michaels so I can see how much they are. This is a great idea for the unorganized craft room I seem to have at the moment. 4 wooden crates painted white.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sale a Bration

Don't forget its SALE-A-BRATION till the end of March!..Every $50 you spend you get a free item!..Click HERE to go to my Demonstrator Website and order the products from the Spring Catalog and the Annual Catalog. If you don't have either. Contact me at and I'll get one out to you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A cute Punch

Here's a card that was purchased at an Open House. The Punch is a really cute punch. I dug through some of the cards that were done by me with this punch and found a belated birthday one done with this punch.

A quick before work idea

I did this before the boys got up, something just quick that i had used from another card idea. It seems that's the time I can concentrate without having a million things to do for DH or the Boy before we leave in the morning.

Tried it again

Middle of the week, I spent most my morning trying to get the correct measurements for the Valentine card (cut from the St Patricks Day Card). I realized i had spent almost 2 hours in the craft room making sure that the whole thing was measured right. I used cm instead of inches. It was easier to measure and cut. So I went through the day thinking I just need to get this one card done. I finally finished it and here it is.
 When I used the Whisper White cardstock, it was really bright and needed to be filled in.You saw more white then actual color. So I decided to use some Real red cardstock to fill in some of the other spots.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Simple and Elegant

This was done at an open house, these were really simple cards to do.

A few folds

St Patrick's 
I love the colors in this card.


Just a single card

Its probably time to get my name out there, probably post a lot more ideas and cards that I have done over the years. Get the open houses together and organized. Seems like a lot to do, but DH goes on Vacation this Friday for a week and I cant help but get overly joyed of going out of town to show my wonderful Son snow for the first time.
I keep sitting in that craft room looking at that mess and knowing that it needs to be cleaned up if i'm ever to go forward, plus i'm sure it would help in knowing how many things I need to order.My Craft room has changed to a new room, it was just bigger and i needed more space to store my stuff. So as I sit here and make my "wish list" I decided to start Looking through some cards I've done and I happened to come across another one of my favorites.

Heat embossing tutorial

Tutorial for Embossing a Card
When I first started stamping (oh so long ago!) One of the open houses I went to had the embossing table. I had tried before at home but it never seemed to work the right way.
I had went through numerous pieces of cardstock and finally after trying it at an open house I finally got the technique down and stopped going through so many cardstock pieces.
(Thank goodness for scraps!)

This tutorial is for the embossing technique.
All Supplies are Stampin up which you can order from me by clicking HERE.

Supplies: Versamark Watermark Stamp pad,whisper white cardstock,( personal choice) marina Mist stamp pad, finger dauber,heat gun,Stampin up white embossing powder.
I'm using the Christmas Tree from the Stamp Set Snow Swirled,(different tree pictured on my completed card above) versamark
Watermark stamp pad and whisper white cardstock.
Step 1. Take the versamark and apply it to the stamp of your choice.
Making sure its completely covered.

Step 2. Stamp your cardstock pressing down so you know it takes the entire image.
(I've had times where i have lifted the stamp and a corner might be missing that wasnt either inked or pressed down hard enough)

Step 3. Taking your Embossing powder, sprinkle it over the stamped image making sure its completely covered. If you tap it on the Powder tray, you can remove the excess powder.

This is what it should look like after the embossing powder has been applied.

Step 4. Taking your Heat gun, apply heat in circular motions. (if you dont want the card to bend up from the heat, you can use Tinfoil attached to a Clipboard, just attach your card to the clipboard and heat the powder) You can see when it changes from powder form to a more glossy look.

Like this...

Step 5. Taking your finger dauber (or sponge) lightly ink it from your color choice Stampin up ink pad. In circles you'll lightly color in your image.

If you want it to be darker, just go over it again until you get the desired shade you want.
This is what it should look like when you are done.
Now you are finished embossing!

All products used are Stampin up products.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Takes time...

Something I keep telling myself, To have patience with what we are doing. If it doesnt work out the first time, just try again. But after 4 times? I've spent most the day trying to figure out what to post and where to post it. I got most of it figured out. After 10 hours doing this, i think i've strained my eyes that they are screaming at me. I'll be back at it tomorrow arranging and rearranging till I get it just the way I want it.
Until then, Happy Crafting and Happy Stamping!.

I Always like the Blues

Here's a card that was made during an Open house a while ago, I'm finding that most the cards that have been collected are from over time. So some of the colors and/or products might not be available. But you can always substitute colors and come up with a brand new card.

So many different ideas

As i was grabbing more ideas off pages and pages of beautiful cards, I saw this one (a different layout) for a Birthday. So following the tutorial on how to make it I got down to the end and as many of us have done Stamped the Birthday saying upside down (yes, the words were right but the stamp was upside down)!. By that point after working diligently on getting that card done and then messing up at the end. I decided to try again!..I ended up with a Valentine card instead!.
These are mini 3 1/8 x 3 1/8 cards
A Favorite of mine
All products used are Stampin up which you can purchase by clicking HERE.

Easy Makers

Here is a few of my Favorite Cards to make during the Holidays

Titled : Snow Much Fun

Sunday News

Welcome!..I am new to being a Stampin Up Demonstrator and look forward to learning everything I can to make sure that all of my ideas and photos and "how to's" are shared with you!..I've been Stampin for about 9 years now and started out in a small room with just a table. I started collecting Stamps and little trinkets here and there and finally did my first "Scrapbook" for my sisters at Christmas that first year. I've been hooked ever since!. My Craft room now is one of my Spare rooms and boy there is a lot of stuff in there!
I love to learn new and exciting techniques and am always open to new ideas and suggestions!
Like now, I'm learning the in's and out's of  "blogging", lol so many buttons!.
Please click on the "about me" page and learn just a little about me and what I do!.
Please bare with me as I build this blog to something that you'll always want to come and check out!
The more I learn about adding things here the more you will see!..


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