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Stampin Up Demonstrator Questions 
Q. How do I Become a Demonstrator?
A. You can click on this link HERE and then click on Join the fun in the right hand corner. Its a very simple process to sign up!
We know you’re busy, so we made the signup process easy. Starter kits are a doable $99, and you can completely customize them to suit your individual needs and taste. You get to choose what products you want to start with and what type of business supplies you want. Then we’ll ship the kit right to your door.
Q. What are the benefits of being a Demonstrator?
A. The Benefits of being a Demonstrator are all these wonderful things + more!
• Making your own schedule
• Adapting your workload to fit your family’s needs
• Forging new relationships with amazing women
• Having a go-to creative outlet that you can share with others
• Getting discounts on wonderful products
• Making extra money (and who doesn't like to make extra money?)

Crafting Questions

Q. How did you get the lines on the "with Love" card?

A. Take a piece of Cardstock cut to the size you need, crinkle it up in your hand like a piece of paper, flatten it out, then using a sponge and the desired color just sponge it on.
Q. Where did you get the Black wire cardstock holder in your craft room?

A. This was purchased many years ago at Hobby Lobby. They are 3 separate storage bins put together.
Q. How did you make the Snowman?

A. The Snowman were found on Pinterest. You can Click HERE and it will give you the How to's. TIP: We used Rice first, but found that the Snowman were too squishy, using wheat makes them very sturdy and holds shape.

Blogging Questions

Q. How do you get the pictures to show up under each of your posts?

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A. This is actually very easy to do, There are very good instructions found on one of my favorite blogs Sew Many Ways. You can click HERE to get the how to.


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