Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sadness in our Hearts

Where I would be bringing a new project to share with everyone with smiles, tonight our hearts are heavy as we all are saddened by the news tonight of our 19 hot shot expert firefighters that have lost their lives .
Our prayers go out to the families of all the these firefighters. How terribly sad for all the families.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sponge Color saver using Clothespins

I saw this idea a while back when I was looking through other wonderful Blogs( I can't remember where I saw this or I would give proper credit), this was a great idea so I had to go out and get some clothespins!
I use sponges for any kind of shading on projects and I used one triangle piece for multiple of colors and always had to remember which color was on it, or I would try to find an empty spot on that piece and add more color to it lol .
So here is an easy solution..
Cut off a triangle piece and clip it to the clothespin, once you are done using that specific color I take the coordinating marker and color one side of it and write the name of the color on it with the Journal marker.(this also saves getting all that ink on your fingers when applying shading)
I have this cute little Card stand that I keep on my crafting table, and now it is being used for cards on the top and clothespins on the bottom.
Great Idea

Friday, June 28, 2013

It's going to be HOT!

Today they tell us it's going to be close to if not 120 degrees!
My boys and I have decided to spend it in the pool all day then head out for a nice dinner date with my awesome husband!
Have a Fab Friday! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Simply Love

Simply Love
A Peaceful looking card..
Last one for the night...

Wow, Coke Float Cupcakes

Have you seen these before?..I just happened to stumble across these when I was visiting Made in A Day . She has this on her blog and you can check out the Recipe from The TipToe Fairy .
How awesome and tasty do these look!..
I'm not much of the sweet eater, but my boys certainly are..
I'll have to try it out..


4th Of July embossing folder for Stripes

I felt like I was on a roll finishing one card, so I decided to start another one. I used the Embossing with Ink Technique that you can find HERE
Its very simple, just ink up your embossing folder, put your CS inside and roll it through the Big Shot and you have embossed CS with Ink.

Have a FAB day!


Top note Christmas Sleigh

I have a Stamp set that has a Sleigh in it, but I wanted to do my own, so I found this cute card that used a Top note as the Sleigh. So out came the crafting stuff and I spent some time this morning making one. (I know WAY to early for Christmas!)
The top of the sleigh is still missing something, the more I look at it I'm sure i'll figure something out to put on it. It has a lot of Bling on it , so I didn't want to over do it! lol

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Quick Happy Birthday card

I finally finished a card lol. I've been so busy with "home improvement" projects that I haven't had time to just sit and craft. But tonight I made that time once the boys were settled with what they wanted to do in their own places. Which means for me "peace time".
So I finished a quick Happy Birthday card.
Nothin too fancy , just simple : )
I used the Wildflower Meadow Embossing folder and coordinating Stamp.

A Gift for someone who Sew's

I'm searching Pinterest again!..I love that place, such creativity from so many people!..I happened to run across this neat little gift idea for someone who loves to Sew!..
This was pinned from May Arts Ribbon and what a great idea this is.
A Sewing Jar

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its a Girl! Time to brush the cobwebs off the Sewing Machine for Real this time!

(no no no , not me! lol)
My Son (who is 16 w/ Special needs ), grew up with my very best friend's kids (ALL 6 of them). They have all been together since kindergarden!.(3 of them and my son are now Juniors in HS) I am known as the 2nd mom or Aunt since we have spent the last 11 years together!..We just found out that one of her kids girlfriend is having a Girl!..We are all very excited!..I was asked to do the Invitations for the baby shower(woohoo a crafty project!) and It also means i'm REALLY going to pull my sewing machine out to start some baby quilts!..When my son was born my MIL sewed all these little quilts for him (I say Little because he was 4pds and 7 1/2 wks early), I've kept every single one of them!.
So here's to Jeanna over at Slammin the Screen Door, lol my next project just got on the "List"
Have a fab day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Quick Update on my DIY Project

Here is the quick update to my new project
The new Towel Closet..
The Frame has been removed and sanded and painted, put back on (with the help of my wonderful son) and one coat of paint. I'm getting some door frame material to put around it, just want to get the painting done first..
Here it is :
Not to bad ;)..

Tomorrow I craft!...Well maybe paint then I craft!..

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stampin Up! Cards Stamp sets and more

On top of destroying my bathroom! I have put together a huge pile of Craft stuff that I decided to get rid of. On occasion I sell my Cards or make cards for others and as well during the Holidays I do Card kits for those I work with and this year will be even bigger since I'll have my Stamp a Stack open house going on!..I'm very excited about this!..
For now, I have multiple of stamp sets that I am getting rid of (most if not all are retired sets, and some are brand new never used retired sets) along with a few other things.
You can check it out here:
Just click above, maybe there is something you might want !
Ive been asked to come "Clean Out" my mother's craft room. Which I'm SO happy about, this usually means I come home with LOTS of goodies!.She is getting rid of material (lots of Christmas material) crafting goodies and a lot of sewing stuff. I'm going to put together a Grab bag of stuff and have a Lucky person get all of it for Free!
That will come soon!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Peek into my next project..

Good Saturday Morning my wonderful Blogging friends!..
I have a HUGE project and a Big favor to ask!..
I am getting ready to embark on a project that has been a thorn (just like the painting of my Living room), This thorn is better known as my "what were they thinking" bathroom.
This is another room that I only painted when we moved in and didn't do any other work with it. I now look at it and just shake my head!
Here it is:
My "what were they thinking" Bathroom
Its a step down shower, this is the worst kind of tile to try to clean!

This is the Tile choice they picked. I feel like i'm on a raceway track with the grey tile in two strips.
They put in double Shower heads, which when we moved in didn't really work. So as you can see the head of the shower was removed.
Yep that's a Pink stripe that every time I look at it I think Why?..
There is a HUGE window (which is nice) however it faces the neighbors backyard..(not so nice) lol and out here it gets to be 115 degrees. It gets REALLY warm in that part of the bathroom. Its currently closed off across the archway with a Dark curtain to keep the heat out and the light from shining in the room at 5am.
Here is the Cabinets where the towels are stored right next to the shower
THIS is my project...
So all my wonderful DIY crafty neighbors , here is the million dollar question.
Can I remove the 70's doors and make it into a free standing shelf in the bathroom?.No doors?
Its right next to the shower as you can see and it just collects dust on the outside and the moisture from the hot water running does a number on the outside.I found these cute Bins by Martha Stewart at Home Depot that would fit towels in them and those could be put on the shelves..
I would LOVE to hear your opinion and what you think would work!.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Slug Bug!

My sister's and I used to play Slug bug in our parents vehicle on trips, parents hated it because we always ended up punching the other one in the arm a little harder then what we should!..and you know kids, they tend to get carried away!..I then saw this card with a VW bug on it and just had to try it out!..Cute Cute!..


Blog Lovin

I'm going to help spread the word if anyone hasn't done so yet, since Google has decided to get rid of the "Google Reader" , you need to "Claim" your Blog in Bloglovin!..
I've done mine and have added the button to my page.
Thanks to Jeanna over at Slammin the Screen Door, I would have completely forgot about it!..

Follow on Bloglovin

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Popcorn Gift Card Holder

Popcorn Gift Card Holder
Another Fun Tutorial I was looking at doing, its the same as the Coffee Cup dimensions so it made it easy to just make. I added a bit more to the card to my liking (the popcorn over the edge) First thing I thought about was how my boys are at the movie theatre when it comes to popcorn, before they get into the theatre you can look behind them and see most the popcorn on the ground already lol..
I think the one thing I would change would be the Popcorn, instead of using the 4 petal flower the 5 petal flower would look better..In my opinion : )


Coffee cup gift card holder

I've seen these "Starbuck's" Cards out there where the inside holds a gift card, it was fairly easy to make. I think it should be a little slimmer on the sides, but by going slimmer, the inside that holds the gift card would be to small.
Still cute though..


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Save those Pringles Cans!

Save those Pringles cans!..look at what you can do with pringles cans and a little DSP and Ribbon!
Start saving them!..This idea I will take with me for Christmas, I'm the "baker" in my extended family (with my oldest sister) and we LOVE to bake come Christmas time!..This is such a great idea! Lots of goodies can be put in these cans!

Colored Sugar

First- Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!..My husband has to work :( but we are spending the day making a great dinner and some desserts for him for when he gets home !
But for now I have another July 4th idea for all you wonderful people..(Off of my Pinterest board)
Colored Sugar-
We do this at school with the kids.So easy!..
Colored Sugar Recipe
Its Just Sugar and food coloring
So when you mix this above ...You can get this Below!..
Another great idea for 4th of July!..
How awesome is that!..
For the White- I would use either white Bark OR
you could use the Filling from the Pastry Puff Recipe..

Friday, June 14, 2013

Light Cover/Plates

OK!..Just one I had this on my Pinterest board which you can view to the right by clicking the link..I'm going to try this as soon as I can..
Any scrapbook paper and modge podge...How easy is that?...
I love crafty and Budget friendly things!.
I found this On Suburban Experiment..I'll have to do a few this weekend and post some pictures...Ok now i'm off!..

The best things ..

This is the last card for the day!..My Wonderful Husband has a "poker night" out , so my wonderful son and I are going on a mom and son dinner date!.I'm looking forward to it!..Maybe a little Miniature golf after !..So here's my last card for today..
I love this Stamp Set from Stampin Up!..However The statement" The best thing in life aren't things" wouldnt be true if you saw my craft room!..I kinda like my things and it opens my world to creativity! Still a Cute set!
Have a wonderful Friday Evening!..

Many Thanks to Karen

This card titled "Many Thanks" goes to Karen from Sew Many Ways for making me the featured Blog !.. I was so surprised ! This card goes to her, thanks again Karen ! 


How to Design a button

A Quick tutorial on how to Design a Button, you can then click HERE that will take you to "Making your own Grab my button"
1. Open Picmonkey and go to Edit a Photo
   Pick any photo, you can resize and crop it in picmonkey
2. On the left hand side click on Overlays and click Geometric

3. Stretch out the rectangular till it fills your hole picture, then click in your color palette to make it white (top left corner). 
4. In the Panel on the Left Click on the Top "Basic Edits" and click on Resize
5. Remove the check mark in Keep Proportions, then resize it to 900x900
this will give us a good square to start making a button.
6.  Now Use whatever you want to design your button.
One TIP: Use a DARK color so the name of your Blog stands out, the button will be small so it will be hard to read.
7. Finished?....Now Click on Resize again and resize it to 125x125
8. Click on MERGE and then SAVE

9. It will be on PIERCE , which is good. Now Click SAVE and save it to your computer.


       10. LAST STEP- Upload it to Photobucket and go to the Directions for making a GRAB MY BUTTON


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