Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Peek into my next project..

Good Saturday Morning my wonderful Blogging friends!..
I have a HUGE project and a Big favor to ask!..
I am getting ready to embark on a project that has been a thorn (just like the painting of my Living room), This thorn is better known as my "what were they thinking" bathroom.
This is another room that I only painted when we moved in and didn't do any other work with it. I now look at it and just shake my head!
Here it is:
My "what were they thinking" Bathroom
Its a step down shower, this is the worst kind of tile to try to clean!

This is the Tile choice they picked. I feel like i'm on a raceway track with the grey tile in two strips.
They put in double Shower heads, which when we moved in didn't really work. So as you can see the head of the shower was removed.
Yep that's a Pink stripe that every time I look at it I think Why?..
There is a HUGE window (which is nice) however it faces the neighbors backyard..(not so nice) lol and out here it gets to be 115 degrees. It gets REALLY warm in that part of the bathroom. Its currently closed off across the archway with a Dark curtain to keep the heat out and the light from shining in the room at 5am.
Here is the Cabinets where the towels are stored right next to the shower
THIS is my project...
So all my wonderful DIY crafty neighbors , here is the million dollar question.
Can I remove the 70's doors and make it into a free standing shelf in the bathroom?.No doors?
Its right next to the shower as you can see and it just collects dust on the outside and the moisture from the hot water running does a number on the outside.I found these cute Bins by Martha Stewart at Home Depot that would fit towels in them and those could be put on the shelves..
I would LOVE to hear your opinion and what you think would work!.


HJ said...

Yes, I think that is a great plan. Since you are so crafty and creative, I'm sure you can make this into a wonderful storage area that is much more attractive than the current look.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Go for the bins--It will look very on-trend and no doors to get in the way. Too bad about the tile--yikes!

Kat said...

Oh I know!..That pink is just horrid..I like pink and all just not in my bathroom ;)...I've already ripped the whole frame off and have sanded everything when I set my mind to it I like it done right away ...and Bins is the way to go, can't wait till I get it completely done.
Thanks for your comments!


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