Sunday, June 16, 2013

Save those Pringles Cans!

Save those Pringles cans!..look at what you can do with pringles cans and a little DSP and Ribbon!
Start saving them!..This idea I will take with me for Christmas, I'm the "baker" in my extended family (with my oldest sister) and we LOVE to bake come Christmas time!..This is such a great idea! Lots of goodies can be put in these cans!


Cathy C said...

Your link for your post titled "Retired Stamp Sets" seems to be broken. Just wanted to let ya know:)

Kat said...

Hi Cathy!..Thanks so much..I'm looking through the blog and I'm not finding Oh no!..I'll have to do some searching!
Thanks again!! : )

Kat said...

Thanks Cathy!..It's been removed!..Just refresh : )


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