Thursday, June 13, 2013

Italian Sausage Penne Pasta

Another Wonderful Link that I have added is RECIPES!...
I LOVE to cook for my boys and make different things that everyone would enjoy. I'm no chef, but I do pretty good in the kitchen!..
This is a Recipe I would love to share..I found this a long time ago and over time I have added my own stuff , rearranged some items (healthier the better!) and my Boys love this.
Here are the Ingredients and Directions:
Ingredients :
Italian Sausage links
Hunts Traditional Spagetti sauce
1 bar of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Red and 1 Green bell pepper Diced
I box of Penne Pasta
1. Boil Pasta in saucepan
2. In a Big saucepan cook the Italian Sausage, once cooked through add diced Bell Peppers.
Mix and Let the bell peppers cook for a few minutes on low heat with the sausage.
2. Add Spagetti sauce to Sausage/bell peppers.
3. Cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes
4. Add Cream Cheese to the Italian sausage stirring until cream cheese is completely melted
5. Drain Pasta then add to Italian sausage
6. Mix and Serve
( I can feed 5 on this Recipe )
Cost? Less than $10.
How's that for a Budget friendly dinner!


Cyn said...

Hello there, I am visiting you from Karens blog, sew many ways. I am also in arizona!! Love you blog, going to try this penne googies!

amy mayen said...

Hi! I'm Amy from! I'm visiting from Sew Many Ways! Looks like a great recipe! I'm following you on bloglovin! (I'm from Oklahoma...that's not tooooo far...)

Julie said...

That looks yummy, and quite easy too! Im visiting from Karens blog "Sew Many Ways"
Still a learner blogger myself. :-)

Anonymous said...

The recipe looks rally tasty and easy!

Three Sheep Studio said...

This dish looks "over the top" yummy.
Going to give it a go this weekend !

Karen said...

Hi! I'm Karen from "Butterflies and Faeries" and I am visiting from "Sew Many Ways". This recipe looks delicious! I will definitely try it soon. Thank you!

Jeanna said...

Hi Kat! Our dear friend Karen at Sew Many Ways had some very nice things to say about your blog on her Friday post. I am already a follower but just wanted to say Hi. You have shared some very helpful tips this week. Keep up the good work!

Kat said...

Oh my!!..Was I ever surprised this morning!..I'm going to try to Thank everyone , one person at a time!..
@Jeanna- lol I was so shocked!Thank you so much for the compliments!
@Karen- Thank you!..As soon as I get through my Thank you's i'm heading over to your blog!
@Rose- Thank you! I love this recipe!
@Julie- Its SOO easy and quick, I love having recipes that are fast and easy!
@Amy- Thanks!!..I'm headed your way right after I visit Butterflies and Fairies!..Oklahoma not to far! (hope you and your loved ones were not affected by the horrible storms)..Thank you so much!
@Cyn- Love fellow Arizonians!..Isn't it just HOT! Thank you!!
This Recipe is so good I hope that everyone enjoys it!..


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