Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tube sock snowman

Good Sunday morning, I was looking around some of the things to do for christmas and on my Facebook page was this cute snowman idea made from tube sucks..I wanted to share it with everyone, this is definitely a project you can do with the kids.
1. Cut a tube sock in half (at the heel) Save the bottom half of the sock for later....
2. Fasten the end of the sock with a rubber band.
3. Stuff the bottom half of the sock with your choice of cotton or rice. (rice will keep him sturdy), and fasten with a rubber band.
4. Stuff the top portion for the head and fasten with a rubber band.
5. (For the hat) flip the open end of the sock as if you were going to pair the socks and place it on the head of the snowman.
6. Use an old strip of fabric for a scarf and decorate as desired. You can use hot glue to attach eyes, nose and buttons

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