Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Clothespin and Button flower pots

My first in expanding into the world of crafts! Among everything else I do, I also work in a school for Autistic Children, This past May for Mothers Day we made Tuna Can/Clothespin Flower Pots. Can you see where the Tuna Can is?..The Clothespins are clipped on to it..
This was a really cute Mother's Day gift.


Cathy C said...

These are so colorful and cute:) They would brighten up any craft room.

Kat said...

These were so much fun to make!..Fine motor skills for the Kids!
I'm saving Tuna cans now , so I can make a few!..

Jeanna said...

Cute idea.
Like the new blog name ;)

Kat said...

lol I was putting it "under construction" like a name in progress...And then a wonderful neighbor Cathy @ Cathys Craft Corner said what a great name that would be!..so now I'm working on the design :)
Thank you!
Have a wonderful day!


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