Saturday, December 28, 2013

The After Craft Room overhaul

 What a job this was! This took me two days to get through everything, take apart tables and organize all the stuff that seems to accumulate in the craft room. I even put a box aside that is marked with Christmas 2014 craft projects. I'm starting early this coming up year. I have many different things that I have seen along the way and have taken pictures to remind myself what I wanted to do.
Here are the AFTER pictures of the New Craft Room.
I'm very pleased with the results!.
 Demon Dog took over the floor and got into the


Jeanna said...

Great job Kat. It looks very neat and orderly. Makes you get back in there and create, doesn't it?

Kat A said...

Yes it does! It's nice to walk into it and not trip over Thousand things! Thanks so much, happy holidays! :-)


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