Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Before ,After Christmas Craft Room Over haul!

 I told myself that the very first thing that I would do after all the Christmas stuff was down and put away that I would tackle my craft room that just seemed to have blown up along the way.
So instead of just picking things up and putting stuff in places, I decided to totally do a cleaning out of the craft room and rearranging of my shelves and tables. I was very pleased with the things I was able to get rid of to make room for the "NEW" stuff that DH got me for Christmas. Here are the beginning photos of the "BEFORE"...
What a MESS! 
My Craft Table area (ya I can't see it either!)
I took apart the side tables that were taking up space and were never used!
Scroll down to see the "AFTER" results! 

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